While some of the features of Unified Communications exceed the operational needs of a Small or Medium sized business, most do not.  For example:

  • The ability to take a VoiceMail and forward it to a team of people as an email with notes regarding tasks

  • The ability to record a conference call and post it as a permanent part of a customer record.

  • The powerful ability to create a Virtual Private Network with remote offices (including branch offices, home offices, and even third party partners overseas) that are secure and carry almost no Operating Costs.

  • The ability of an operator/receptionist to see that a sales executive is on a personal or internal call when an important customer calls in, and then text/chat with that executive to inform her/him that the customer is on the line.

  • The valuable ability for a manager who has oversight of multiple offices to “log in” to his/her phone upon arriving at a remote office, so the manager’s extension rings wherever they may be