Are you a service provider for small and medium businesses?

Linux for small businesses

Then you know, YOUR value (as a Service Provider who connects Small Business customers to the Internet) depends on the value those Small/Medium Businesses gain from that connection.

If a service provider can only provide “bits,” then bits end up priced as a commodity. This leaves the you, the service provider, trying to compete on a “lowest price per bit” basis.

There is another way! If a Service Provider can deliver value added Next Generation Digital Services, the value of your pipe increases with the value it enables.

TenX Networks’ Small Business Service Provider Solutions allow Service Providers to deliver the following to SMBs:


  • Protected/controlled network access
  • Enable use of Cloud based services, and deployment of localized SAAS solutions
  • Leverage the FULL power of Voice over IP solutions
  • Build a network of multiple offices (remote locations/partner services)


TenX Networks’ Small Business focused Next Generation Digital Services allow Service Providers to make their connections more valuable than those offered by the traditional Regional Bell Operating Companies.


By using open source technology, we are able to layer our own innovation on existing platforms, so our solutions are the result of hundreds of creative minds, adapting and evolving technology to meet the needs of any small business service provider.

If you are interested in increasing your business by making your connections more profitable, contact TenX Networks today!