Our Mission:

To provide Value Added Resellers, IT Consultants and Service Providers who work with Small & Medium sized businesses the most cost effective, efficient and profitable way to enable Unified Communications and Next Generation Digital Services for their customers.

To mentor college students in non-technical majors to augment their education to include the practical application of IT/Communications Technology to their major/field of study.

To give back to our community through our Geeks Doing Good program, improving network connectivity and functionality to organizations that help our community.

Who we are

As IP network tools specialists, TenX Networks is a Digital Building Block company that uses Linux and Open Source to build the most cost-effective IT and Telephony Communications solutions in the industry.

We focus specifically on developing and building COMPLETE systems that are RELIABLE, EXPANDABLE, AFFORDABLE, MANAGEABLE and UNIQUE in the industry.

What we do

We source top quality hardware from all over the world, layering software and application solutions on top of that hardware to deliver unbeatable price/performance solutions.

This methodology allows us to develop and deploy unique systems and solutions at a fraction of the price of competing products at AND still provide generous resale margins to Consultants, Resellers and Service Providers who serve the SMB End User.